R-Kay Trucking, Inc.-Columbus, OH

R-Kay Trucking, Inc.

2025 Riverside Drive, Ste. 404

Columbus, OH 43221

(614) 633-4167 (Phone)

MC# 00275489

DOT# 562455

If you located this posting because your company also has unpaid freight charges with this company, contact Trans Recovery today. We have recovered thousands of dollars in freight charges for several carriers already and we can help you recover yours, as well. Plus, we only charge a small percentage of the amount we collect, after we collect. If for some reason we do not collect your freight charges, we charge nothing.

Trans Recovery Solutions

Bill McElhaney

Trans Recovery Solutions, LLC

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  1. Hello, this is Lindsey with Lipscomb Logistics. I’m reaching out in regard to an unpaid invoice from
    R-Kay Trucking, Inc.
    2025 Riverside Drive, Ste.
    404 MC# 00275489

    We ran a load from them back in November and have been unable to reach anybody since. The phone listed on the rate con is now out of service. Is this something you could assist in? Thanks.

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