“I am very pleased with your services, so far. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

– Xpo Solutions Transportation  Robert

“I don’t know how your team does it Bill but you guys are really good. I am really satisfied with your services.”

– NY Transport, Inc. Albert Y.

“Excellent, Nice Job Guys!”

– Eagle Intermodal Services, Inc. Leslie M.

“You collected on the ones we gave you so fast that it makes it look like we did not even try on the year and a half we tried to collect on them. How did you do it?”

– American Land Transport, Inc. Lori G.

“Wow, you guys are fast. You have already collected on the ones I just gave you before I had time to give you the rest of what I have. I will get the others over to you as soon as possible.”

– Royal Transport, Inc. Agata L.

“You guys are good. Thanks for the great work.”

– Data Trucking, Inc.

“Thank you so much. We will send you more as the need arises.”

– Arapovic Company, Inc. Jamila A.

“You guys rock. You have become the only outside collections company we need. You collect our accounts before the others we use to use could contact the companies that owed us money. You have all our future business.”

– D & G Trucking, Inc. Rich C.

“Thank you so very much, we really needed that money. We thought there was no way we were going to get paid on this shipment. Thank you.”

-Almata Transport, Inc. Nadia S.

“Thank you so much, my boss is going to really be glad I used you to recover it. I am really glad I used you.”

– Amhof Trucking, Inc. Deb Van H.

“You guys weren’t playing, you are the best at collecting unpaid freight charges. We did that load three over three years ago.”

-East Tennessee Truck Lines Dennis W.

“We are very proud of the job you do for us on collecting our invoices. Thank you.”

-BSR Transport, Inc. Kari T.

“Good deal. I really appreciate your company collecting it so fast for us. I will send you more if we get them, thanks.”

-Bradshaw Trucking, Inc. D. Bradshaw

“Great Job, Trans Recovery”

-Craig Transportation, Inc. M. Craig

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You don’t know how much you recovering the freight charges on those shipments means to us. I thank you very much.”

-Freight Logistics Group, Inc. Monica C.

“I cannot believe you collected it that fast, you guys are good. You don’t know how much you recovering the freight charges on those shipments means to us. I thank you very much.”

-M & C Trucking, Inc. Michael P.

“Thank you so much for your help.”

– Prestige Transportation, Inc. Vanessa S.

“I am shocked you recovered it as soon as you did. Thanks”

– InXpress  Kyle C.