About Us

We are not just another debt collection agency, we are a transportation collection firm. Our debt collection specialists are the best at collecting unpaid freight charges. Our transportation debt recovery specialists all have over twenty years experience collecting unpaid freight charges and are well versed of the laws & regulations encompassing the transportation industry. We possess the tools and database access to a proven data fusion system, which is also used by the federal government and law enforcement agencies to increase their investigative effectiveness. This system and our skip-tracing professionals allow us to successfully locate 99.8% of the debtors that have been turned over to us for collection, along with their assets and vital banking information.


We are also well known for recovering unpaid freight charges from freight brokers that have ceased operations, as well. The initial freight broker is not the only responsible party, when it comes to the payment of the carrier’s freight charges. We also provide our clients with the amenity of processing credit card payments online, which allows us to recover many accounts within 24 to 48 hours of placement.

Contact us today, to learn how we can increase your cash flow and recover many of the debts, you thought were lost. If you would like a copy of our online company brochure, please CLICK HERE.