Landstar Ranger, Inc. – Jacksonville, FL

Landstar Ranger, Inc.

PO Box 19139

Jacksonville, FL 32245-9139

MC# 178439

DOT# 2212928

(800) 435-1791 phone

(570) 435-5828   fax

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Trans Recovery Solutions

Bill McElhaney

Trans Recovery Solutions, LLC

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  1. I am not happy with Landstar Ranger (PO Box 19139, Jacksonville, FL 32245-9139) how they treat their carrier. We got detained from the shipper and receiver (Walmart DC in Tomah, WI). First of all, broker does not know how to schedule appointment or probably, simply lie to carriers in order to sell his loads. We booked this load to deliver at noon but Walmart’s system showed for 14:30 (If I would know the truth, I would not booked this load with this appointment).
    Guess what? It happened on Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, when the rest companies trying to shot down earlier & get home earlier. So we lost a load because of keeping us so long. From our side, as a carrier, all updates and paperwork were provided on time right away. But it did not help us after waiting for Dean Frost to come back from his vocation (3 weeks, only ONE person I was told, could me to approve funds). So he came back and said he could do only $40 for 1.83 (SHIPPER) + 1.82 (RECEIVER) = 3.65 HOURS.
    I believe it is not fair treatment & decided to write my feed back about this office.
    Hopefully, some one find this information helpful before booking a load with this agency.

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